About Me

I’m a documentary film maker working with human rights groups, charities, educational and health institutes, artists, musicians and performers. My work has two main forms – documentary style stories about people, issues and projects, and a more poetic and evocative approach, often centered on performance and events.

My work has led me to the Gaza Strip, rural communities in Romania, the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais and the 1948 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. I have worked in palliative care hospices, the Kalahari desert and prisons in Canada. I have a strong intuition of the role required to work within sensitive and foreign communities as well as among arts and performance groups in the UK.

Music has always been exceptionally important for me. My inability to play traditionally in a band has led to work combining my film making skills with the power, rhythm and melody of music.

Respect for my subjects is paramount. I try to bring the empathy, respect and humour I value in my everyday life into the way I work.

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